Migrate Databricks Workloads to Microsoft Fabric at Lightning Fast Speed

Discover the future of big data analytics with our groundbreaking accelerator designed to seamlessly migrate your Databricks Workloads to Microsoft Fabric.
Experience unmatched speed, efficiency, and cost savings.

Unbiased Benchmarking

Our rigorous testing, using the TPC-H dataset and proprietary data, provides an unbiased comparison of Microsoft Fabric Spark and Databricks Spark on identical hardware setups.

Innovative Migration Tool

Our accelerator simplifies the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime, preserving your data integrity and optimizing performance from day one.

Why Migrate

In our recent study, we’ve pitted Microsoft Fabric Spark against Databricks Spark, revealing the unparalleled advantages of Fabric Spark in analytics performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.



Microsoft Fabric Spark consistently outperformed Databricks in our tests, offering faster data conversion and query execution times

Cost Savings

Dramatically reduce operational costs with Fabric Spark’s superior performance and lower pricing structure.

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