Insurance & Finance

Transform finance with AI and cloud-based solutions. Automate and improve risk management, fraud detection and compliance with machine learning. Personalize financial products and services with real-time data insights and provide seamless experiences to customers.

Challenges in Insurance & Finance Sector

Financial institutions must manage a wide range of risks, including credit risk, market risk, and operational risk.

Many financial institutions still rely on manual processes for tasks such as account reconciliation and compliance reporting.

Financial institutions can use cloud-based systems to store and analyze data on customers, allowing AI-based systems to provide personalized recommendations and offers, and to improve customer experience.

Fraudulent activities can have a significant impact on financial institutions, including losses and reputational damage.

Mandelbulb's Approach to Solving the Problem

Our company leverages the power of cloud and AI to solve complex problems and drive better outcomes for our clients. By using advanced data analytics and AI algorithms, we are able to analyze large amounts of data and extract insights that can help businesses to make better decisions and optimize their operations.

By storing and processing financial data in the cloud, organizations can utilize machine learning algorithms to analyze this data in real-time, identifying potential risks and alerting relevant parties for prompt action.

By continuously monitoring for potential risks and alerting relevant parties, reducing response times, minimizing human errors and enabling proactive mitigation of potential risks.

By utilizing data on a customer’s financial behaviour, these models can be tailored to that customer’s specific needs, improving the accuracy of detection while also protecting customer privacy.

By leveraging the large amounts of financial data available in the cloud, these models can be trained to detect patterns of fraudulent behaviour and adapt to new types of fraud as they emerge.

How Mandelbulb Gave Clients a Return on Their Investment

  • Increase Revenue: Our services have helped our clients increase their revenue by an average of 59% This ROI was achieved by implementing specific strategies and features of our services and etc.

  • Decrease Costs: Our  services have helped our clients reduce their operating expenses by an average of 39%, resulting in a cost savings of $2.5M. This ROI was achieved by specific strategies and features of our services.

  • Improve Compliance: Our specific services have helped our clients improve compliance by an average of 47%, resulting in 20% less penalties. This ROI was achieved by specific strategies and features of our service

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: Our specific services have helped our clients increase customer satisfaction by an average of 66%, resulting in an increase in repeat business and positive results

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