Engineering Modernization Tailored to Desired Outcomes

In the current business landscape, we observe a distinct dichotomy in how technology is embraced. On one hand, there’s a rigorous emphasis on reducing expenses from the client’s perspective, while on the other, there’s a strong drive towards modernization and innovation, with the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction, boosting business flexibility, and fast-tracking digital evolution

Migrate to Microsoft Fabric
MandelBulb excels in the strategic reallocation of workloads from on-premises infrastructures, third-party cloud environments, and existing Azure data services to the Microsoft Fabric ecosystem. Our consultative approach is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless transition, minimizing disruption while maximizing performance and scalability. By leveraging Microsoft Fabric's advanced integration capabilities, we facilitate a unified operational framework that allows for agile data management and enhanced analytical capabilities. Our tailored migration plans are not merely transitions; they are enhancements that position enterprises at the forefront of technological efficiency and innovation, fostering a robust, interconnected data environment
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AI and Data Modernisation
MandelBulb pioneers the transformation of enterprise data ecosystems through our bespoke methodology enriched with Gen AI innovations. Our strategic approach is intertwined with the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric, equipping business units with the ability to eradicate informational compartmentalization and extract actionable insights from a harmonized data platform. We offer a suite of sophisticated accelerators, frameworks, and bespoke solutions, all geared towards orchestrating a self-sustaining, autonomous Data Estate for organizations, utilizing a financially astute model that aligns with enterprise economic objectives.
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Cloud Adoption
Mandelbulb's Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration Framework specializes in transforming client's outdated applications, infrastructures, and data centers into agile, Azure-centric architectures. Utilizing our strategic Azure-centric adoption technique, we place a strong emphasis on intelligent utilization of cloud services. With our extensive background spanning SAAS, PAAS, and various cloud and on-site technologies, we guide our customers through a tailored Azure adoption pathway, ensuring they fully capitalize on the robust features of Azure's environment for a future-proof, scalable cloud experience.
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Business Applications
MandelBulb is at the forefront of business transformation by harnessing the full potential of Microsoft's Power Platform, including Power BI and a suite of automation tools. We specialize in crafting and implementing sophisticated business applications that are not only automated but also intuitively aligned with the strategic goals of an enterprise. By integrating Power BI, we provide powerful analytics and insights that drive decision-making, while our automation solutions streamline complex workflows, ensuring efficiency and precision. Our approach transcends traditional automation, fostering a dynamic and responsive business environment that thrives on continuous innovation and operational excellence.
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Recognized Among Industry Leaders as a Featured Microsoft Fabric Partner

As the youngest company to stand among esteemed giants such as Tata Consultancy Services, EY, SDK, Accenture, IBM, and Capgemini, we are honoured to be recognised as a Featured Partner during the General Availability announcement of Microsoft Fabric. This accolade not only celebrates our rapid growth and dedication but also underscores our commitment to pioneering innovation in the tech world.

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MandelBulb Has Earned the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization

MandelBulb Technologies is proud to announce its recent attainment of the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization, a testament to our proficiency in crafting and executing bespoke analytics solutions that align with Microsoft’s and industry-wide best practices. 

This distinction is awarded exclusively to partners who have demonstrably met rigorous benchmarks in customer success and workforce development, and who have successfully undergone a comprehensive third-party audit of their analytics strategy and implementation services.

In today’s marketplace, the imperative for robust data and analytics frameworks is widely recognized, yet many enterprises grapple with the deployment of these strategies. MandelBulb Technologies, with our verified expertise in tailoring analytics solutions utilizing tools such as Microsoft Fabric, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Factory, stands ready to meet this burgeoning demand.

Our partnership enables clients to seamlessly integrate scalable analytics platforms, ensuring rapid insights extraction from comprehensive data sets, spanning data warehouses to expansive big data analytics systems.


Help us deliver higher performance & better support for our clients

As one of India’s most rapidly expanding Microsoft Partners, we hold a distinction that highlights our adherence to the pinnacle of Microsoft’s partnership criteria.

Renowned for their pioneering role in data and analytics, Microsoft and the Azure Cloud Platform offer an expansive suite of over 200 products and cloud solutions, crafted to ignite innovation and solve complex challenges. Our specialization, validated through stringent examinations and annual competency renewals, is a testament to our deep-seated technical prowess. In collaboration with Microsoft Azure, we are dedicated to unleashing unparalleled value for our esteemed clients, paving the way for transformative success

What we do

Helping Organizations Thrive In The Digital Age With Advanced Cloud and AI Solutions


Empowering retailers to drive sales, improve supply chain and customer experiences with innovative cloud and AI technologies


Unlock the full potential of your fleet with our comprehensive data strategy & solutions, including real-time asset tracking, fuel optimisation and cost savings

Health Care

Unlocking the power of healthcare data to drive better outcomes and improve patient care using advance cloud and AI


Transforming the insurance claims process with automation and artificial intelligence


Integrating ERP to Azure Cloud and build Quality Assurance metrics, workforce analytics, supply chain optimization.


Empowering financial decision-making with accurate, timely and automated reporting

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